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Stars in Heaven (Chapter 13) 
13th-Dec-2015 10:16 am
Title: Stars in Heaven (Chapter 13)
Author: hwangtinglee
Pairing: YamaChii, TaDaiki, OkaJima
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst
Summary: The perfect moonlight that once shinned brightly disappeared from their eyes. Although it never showed again, their hearts still longs for their special moonlight that has captured their hearts. Will the bright stars that were present and watching over them under that beautiful moonlight reunite the ones that are meant to be together? Or will it fade away just like their perfect moonlight?


“WHY DID YOU STOP ME KEITO!!” Yamada accused his friend as Keito finally released the hold he had on the shorter one.
“There’s no point chasing him Yama-chan,” the English gentleman reasoned calmly.
“What do you mean…” the brown hair boy questioned back annoyed.
“If he cannot face Chii or Yuki-kun…” Keito started to explain.
“He will leave again…” Daiki finished the sentence as the taller one nodded, “Regardless of what we do now…”
“I guess it’s better for him to run out on us instead of Chii…” Yuto voiced trying to be a little positive on the situation.
“Just give Chinen-san sometime Yama-chan,” the guitarist patted his friend’s shoulder.
“Yeah…” Takaki added with a smile, “Maybe he just needed to take in what you’ve said to him before coming up with a more suitable choice…”
“I sure hope so…”

The chubby cheeks boy sighed not confident in what his friends are saying. He prays that the middle age man think things over and listen to what they say. He wishes for anything that Chinen-san will find the strength and courage to return. And he hopes that the father of his lover will make the right choice and stay with his family. But as much as he overuse his mind thinking of this matter, for now he can only believe in what his band mates say as the five guys prepare to return to the hospital to visit the Chinen brothers again.

A week has passed and Chinen is healing like expected. While he is still being under provision by the doctors due to the huge bump on his head that has him pouting to Yamada all the time, Tanaka sensei stated that the chibi should be allowed to return home by the end of the week latest early the following week. With the reassuring news that his boyfriend will be able to return home soon, the chubby cheeks boy couldn’t help but smile as he walk down the school corridor ready to head home. At the same time though, no one has heard a word from Chinen-san since their encounter a week ago which also has the ichigo lover worrying what his squirrel would say if the man never returns.

Then again no one knows how to contact the middle age man either. Since Chinen’s hospitalization, no one has returned to the apartment besides that one time. Yukito has been staying over mostly at Yamada’s house and sometimes at the hospital because the older guys don’t want the younger one to return to the messed up empty home alone. The five friends also know that Chinen would have a fit about it if he finds out that his brother was living there by himself.

As he walks out of the school building heading towards the gate, Yamada greeted kouhais and classmates bidding him goodbye for the day. He smiled and waved as he thought of what to bring his chibi lover and Yuki for dinner since Chinen dislikes the food they serve at the hospital. While too focus in this own thoughts on what to bring with him, the chubby cheeks boy failed to notice someone waiting by the school gate. Someone that’s been looking at him since he stepped out of the school building. And as the brown hair boy walk passed the front gate, the person called out to his attention.

“Yamada-kun… Can I talk to you please…”


Finally the awaited day has come as Yamada and the rest of the gang visited Chinen at the hospital for the last time to help him pack and get ready for discharge. The Chinen brothers couldn’t wait to return home as both are missing their small but homey apartment already. After all it’s been almost two weeks since the incident and for almost that long the chibi has been complaining to his chubby cheeks lover on wanting to go home already. And to his delight, the brown hair boy is happy he can finally grant that wish although not exactly like what his koibito thinks.

“Yoshh…” Chinen smiled as the sun hits his angelic face once he steps out of the hospital, “Finally I’m out…”
“Yokatta ne nii-chan,” Yuki smiled too as he sees his brother’s expression.
“Un…” the chibi nodded as he runs ahead of everyone, “I can’t wait to get home ne…”
“Yuri don’t run like that,” Yamada called out as he goes after his lover, “You just got out of the hospital…”
“Hehehehe…” the squirrel chuckled at the older’s protectiveness as he slows down and turns around to his approaching koibito, “Maa you worry too much yo Ryosuke…”
“Mou…” the brown hair boy pouted but a kiss was received by the latter in return quickly making the pout turn into a smile, “Let’s go home ne…”

The black hair boy smiled again as the rest of the guys caught up to the lovers and together they started walking toward Chinen’s home. The day is serene with a beautiful clear sky and the bright warm sun that seems to be welcoming the homecoming of the boys. The group was playing and laughing around while heading towards their destination when the squirrel recalls.

“There’s a lot to clean when I get home na…” Chinen mumbled as they walk down the street, “We’ve haven’t been back for awhile…”
“Sou desu ne…” Yuki agreed then trailed off as he turned silent remembering that night, “Everything was left the way it was when tousan…”
“Maaa…” Daiki cut in not wanting the younger ones to relive that event, “Maybe it won’t be as messy as you believe…”
“Huhh…” the two Chinens look at the penguin confused, “What do you mean?”
“Did you guys clean it for us?” the chibi questioned now looking at the older guys.
“Well…” the four taller ones directed their gaze to the brown hair boy next to Chinen.
“Ryosuke!?” the black hair boy inquired tilting his head cutely at his lover, “Did you clean up our apartment?”
“Let’s just say I did something…” Yamada grins a little as he taps his koibito’s nose.
“What!?” the squirrel wonders with his beautiful black orbs puzzled still.
“You’ll see my love…” the chubby cheeks boy chuckles and kissed the smaller one on his forehead, “Let’s take a detour first kya…”
“Ehh…” again the Chinen brothers inquired, “Nande!?”
“Himitsu…” the ichigo prince exclaims.
“Mouu…” the two shortest ones pouted in unison.
“Kawaii yo,” Yuto praised as he pats Yuki’s head not daring to touch Yuri’s head for his safety, “You guys will love it…”
“Hontou!?” again the two youngest replied together.
“Promise,” Takaki proclaims at the adorableness of the brothers.
“Let’s get going now.”

Yamada motioned as he directs the group towards a different street that’s just a little before the usual road to Chinen’s apartment. Yuri and Yuki followed anxiously not knowing what to expect while the older guys all seem to know exactly what’s coming with wide smiles plastered on their faces. As the gang walk past a beautiful park and into a beautiful neighborhood, they stop at a two story house with light green exteriors and marble color roof that seems so homey and comfortable. The house exudes warmth from top to bottom and they are just standing outside of it.

“What are we doing here Ryosuke?” Chinen asked as he looks dumbfounded by where they stopped.
“Come on…”

Yamada didn’t answer but dragged the chibi towards the door with him as the other guys nudge Yuki forward as well. The inside of the home is fully decorated and just as beautiful and charming like the outside. The first floor has a living room that connects to the dining room and kitchen. A master bed room is also located there along with another guest bathroom. On the second floor there are two good size rooms with things that looked familiar and another bathroom as well. While the house is definitely not a mansion, it reminds Chinen so much of their old home as his eyes sparkled looking throughout the place. The home that they lived in when their late mother was still alive. A place that represents a much happier time.

“Ryosuke…” Chinen turned and face his lover, “Why are we here?”
“To show you the house of course,” Yamada responded although he knows that’s not the answer his koibito wanted.
“Umm… Okay…” the chibi is once again baffled, frowning a little as he continues to inquiry, “Whose house is this?”
“Do you like it?” instead of replying, the chubby cheeks boy returned it with his own question, “The house…”
“Yes I do its beautiful…” the squirrel nodded being distracted for a moment but then remember that the older one has yet to give him a response, “Joto Ryosuke… You still didn’t answer my question…”
“Let’s meet the other’s downstairs kya…”

Again the ichigo lover didn’t give the comment wanted as he drags the black hair boy with him to unite with the other boys instead who were gathered in the living room. At the same time, Yukito is equally excited by the house feeling the bond that was gone a long time ago while wondering the exact same questions as his older brother when the couple walked in. Hoping Yuri has gotten more information than he did from the taller ones, Yuki anticipated an answer but simply got a head shook in return.

“What’s going on guys?” Chinen asked again not liking being in the dark for so long as he attacks his boyfriend with his killer puppy dog eyes, “Ryosuke…”
“Yeah Ryo nii-chan please tell us already,” Yukito begged to giving the latter his very own puppy dog eyes as well.
“Oh god those are killers,” Takaki commented as he sees the adorable looks used on them.
“Yeah no one can say no to Chii already when he uses that let along both of them,” Yuto agreed as well trying to avoid the pair.
“Maa I think we can tell them now,” Daiki suggested with a smile.
“I doubt Yama-chan can avoid not to any longer anyways,” Keito chuckled.
“Ryosuke…” the chibi blink his eyes once more as he tiptoed closer to his lover’s face.
“Hai hai my love…” Yamada nodded pecking his koibito’s forehead while ruffling Yuki’s hair, “Demo why don’t we let him explain instead…”

Yamada responded as he directed the Chinen brothers’ to sit then walked out of the living room for a moment. As the front door opening and closing and extra footsteps moving towards them can be heard, Yuri and Yuki turned their head wondering who just enter when the chubby cheeks boy returned with someone else. Someone they least expected.

Time flies when one isn't paying attention ><
I didn't realized it's been more than eons since I posted
I've become one of those writers NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TT^TT
Hope someone still read and waiting for the update
Sorry a million billion trillion like always m(_ _)m

Hope you guys enjoyed this chappie
Comments are really motivating and loved
It gives me so much energy to write
So please comment if you can ne
Even a “hi” is great XDD
Arigatou m(_ _)m

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