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Stars in Heaven (Chapter 11) 
28th-Jun-2015 10:19 am
Title: Stars in Heaven (Chapter 11)
Author: hwangtinglee
Pairing: YamaChii, TaDaiki, OkaJima
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Angst
Summary: The perfect moonlight that once shinned brightly disappeared from their eyes. Although it never showed again, their hearts still longs for their special moonlight that has captured their hearts. Will the bright stars that were present and watching over them under that beautiful moonlight reunite the ones that are meant to be together? Or will it fade away just like their perfect moonlight?



Daiki called out as he saw the brown hair boy standing outside one of the rooms in the hospital corridor as the four guys rushed to their best friend’s side faces full of concern. So many questions welled up in their minds as they all try to think positively but at the same time knows that something horrible must have happened for them to be meeting at this place and at this hour.


The guys called out again as Daiki and Yuto placed their hands on the chubby cheeks boy’s shoulder upon reaching him while the other two stood beside him showing their support. The ichigo prince simply gave his friends a weak smile and quick nod before slightly turning his head towards door he is standing in front of. As the others peek through the window on the door, they can see a body lying lifelessly on the hospital bed. A body that has numerous cords and IV attached to his small frame. A body that belongs to no other than their chibi friend, Chinen Yuri.


The four guys yelled in unison, shocked, half trying to be quiet knowing they are in the hospital but also unable to contain their obvious anger and surprise. The brown hair boy’s once beautiful orbs are now blank and empty full of frustration and sorrow too as he recalled the even that happened a few hours ago.


Yamada speed through the empty streets as he gassed on his bike’s accelerator again annoyed that it cannot go any faster although it is already at its max and already going way to fast. Within minutes, the chubby cheeks boy arrived at the place he is too familiar with as he hopped off his bike and dashed up the flights of stairs to reach the apartment. Before he even rings the bell, the door flies open as Yuki immediately hugged the older boy with face full of tears.

“Ryo… Ryo nii-chan…” Yukito cries as he tightens the hug on the taller one.
“I’m here Yuki… It’s okay…” Yamada tries to ease the younger, “Have you called the ambulance? Where’s Yuri…”

The smaller boy nodded slightly then pointed towards the living room as Yamada rushed over with the younger one still holding his waist. As soon as the chubby cheeks boy spotted his lover he felt his heart crashed into pieces at the scene before him. The room was a mess with broken things everywhere. On the side was his boyfriend lying lifelessly on his stomach with blood stains that have covered a small spot of the tatami that seems to be appearing from his head. Although stunned and hurt, there’s no time to care for his own feelings now as the chubby cheeks boy quickly checks his lover’s pulse and after a sigh in relief knowing that Chinen is still breathing, the paramedics arrived transferring them immediately to the nearest hospital.

~~End of Flashback~~

“So how bad is Chii?” Takaki asked the question they all want to know but afraid to ask.
“Wakaranai…” Yamada shook his head in disappointment, “Tanaka sensei is still running tests and checking on him… I’m still waiting for an answer…”

The others stare back at the small figure once again as they take in the situation. The four taller boys all try to find the words to help ease the circumstance there are in. All wants to relief the chubby cheeks boy the tension they all know he must be holding inside. All wishes and hopes that Chinen will open his eyes soon and flashes that angelic smile of his as if nothing has ever happened.

“He will be okay…” Daiki voiced as he patted the brown hair boy.
“Yeah it’s Chii deshou,” Yuto added with a smile, “He’s much stronger than we believe…”
“Sou dayo…” Takaki agreed, “So cheer up na… You know Chii would hate to see you like this…”
“I guess so…” Yamada lightly smiled as he appreciates what his friends are trying to do, “Arigatou na…”
“Mochiron,” Keito spoke this time then wonders as he sees that the younger Chinen is nowhere to be found, “By the way where’s Yuki-kun?”
“He’s also getting checked up by the doctor,” the chubby cheeks boy replied as they settled down on the bench outside Chinen’s room, “He should be back soon…”
“Ehh did Yuki-kun get hurt as well!?” the penguin questioned somewhat confused cuz for all they are aware, Chii is the only one who gets hit.
“Hai…” the ichigo freak explained, “Yuki tried to protect Yuri when their tousan got drunk and pissed off again… Yuki didn’t want Yuri to get hurt more so he didn’t stay in their room like Yuri has asked him to and came out to defend his brother while taking some hits for him…”
“…” the rest listen in horror as the story places out.
“Yuki started shouting at their tousan that what he’s doing is wrong and that he is not the tousan they know… And Chinen-san got even more furious as he picked up the small table to hit Yuki but Yuri blocked it instead with his own body…”

Yuto mouthed as the band mates nodded again feeling exactly the same way as the drummer. As they are being caught up to everything that has took place so far, Tanaka sensei returned with Yuki beside him as all the guys stood up at once be the presence of the doctor.

“Yuki daijoubu ga!?” Yamada gazes at the smaller boy with some bandages here and there.
“Un daijoubu desu Ryo nii-chan…” Yukito assures with a smile, “Shinpai shinaide… It’s just some small scratches…”
“That’s good to hear…” the brown hair boy smiled back but then his expression turned serious again as he now faced the doctor, “Tanaka sensei…”
“Regarding Chinen Yuri deshou…” as if he can read minds, the doctor finished the question that’s on everyone’s mind as he escorted them into Chinen’s room before speaking, “He will be fine and recover fully in a week or two…”
“HONTOU!!!” everyone shouted in happiness as relief plaster over their once concern expressions.
“Hai…” the sensei reassures as he check the patient’s file, “Chinen-kun got lucky… The blow wasn’t too deep… It was only on the surface and did not cause any damage to his brain although he did lose some blood but we already transfused him to be safe and he might have a major headache when he wakes up…”
“Souka… Yokatta na…” all the guys sigh in relief hearing the result
“Demo…” the doctor continues, “He might not be so lucky next time… So please keep the ones you love safe and prevent him from getting into fights again alright…”
“Huh!?” the five taller boys looked puzzled by the sensei’s words as they glanced over at Yuki then understood then promised, “Wakarimasu… Arigatou sensei…”

Once the doctor left the room leaving the boys along, all eyes when to the smallest one standing at the end trying his best not to make eye contact with the older boys. Yukito didn’t dare to look up as he avoids the piercing looks that he is sure are staring at him right now. He knows the words that are about to come. He knows exactly what they will say afterwards also. But the younger Chinen couldn’t go against what his brother had begged of him. Because after all, his brother was doing it for his sake as well as promise to their late mother.

“Yuki,” Yamada break the silence with a stern voice, “Why did you lied to the doctor about what happened?”
“I…” Yukito didn’t know how to answer as he’s sure the older ones will not be happy with his reasoning.
“Yuki…” again the chubby cheeks boy called out but in a much warmer tone now standing before him with his hands on the younger one’s shoulders, “Why didn’t you tell the truth…”
“Because I can’t…” the latter replied still not looking at the taller one.
“Why did your tousan threaten you?” the brown hair boy is still trying to get to the bottom of things.
“Iiya…” the smaller shook his head as he contemplated on what to say but then decided to reveal the truth to Yamada, “Nii-chan wa… Nii-chan begged me not to say anything…”
“What…” all the boys are dumfounded by the revelation although they knew Chinen doesn’t want to report their father but this has gone too far.
“Before he passed out…” Yuki continued to explain, “He begged me to not tell any authorities what really happened… Nii-chan doesn’t want tousan to be taken away… He is trying to protect what is left of our family…”
“But…” the other wanted to argue but the youngest cut them off.
“Wakata yo… wakata…” the small boy agreed with what the rest wants to say but justify, “Demo he promised kaasan… And he wanted to make sure I still have a family… Plus tousan is really not like this… It’s just he hasn’t got over the fact of what happened a year ago…”
“…” silence took over as the taller ones are at a loss of words.
“Please don’t say anything…” Yuki pleaded, “For nii-chan’s sake… Ongeai…”
“What happened a year ago…” Yamada sudden questioned surprised the younger Chinen.
“Ehhh…” the youngest murmured.
“I’ll decide after you tell us what happened a year ago Yuki-kun…”

The chubby cheeks boy reiterated as Yukito looked back hesitantly. Should he share their past to the five older boys before him. While he knows they are trust worthy people, Yuki also knows that Yuri has never mentioned about the event that took place a little more than a year ago. The event that triggered everything. The event that caused their father to be the way he is now. The event that marks the absence of the chibi on what would be their first date and the disappearance of the Chinen family afterwards. The event that separated Yamada from his moonlight, Chinen Yuri. The event that holds the key to everything; the day Mrs. Chinen passed away.

As the five guys step out of Chinen’s hospital room setting on the outside bench again letting the two younger ones sleep without disturbance, they contemplated on the story they’ve just heard from Yukito. The source that solves the puzzles to all their previous questions. While it was understandable, the more Yamada thought about the reason, the more his blood boils in anger. The fact that his love has been bearing with this treatment for this long when it is not even his fault to begin with simply to save what the chibi believes could still be a family. The brown hair boy couldn’t take it anymore as he made his decision.

“That’s it…” Yamada murmured as he got up.
“Yama-chan…” the four boys stare at their friend confused but also alarmed.
“I don’t care what Yuri says…” the chubby cheeks boy exclaims, “I’m not letting him hurt my love again… Not even if he is their tousan…”

Chii is okay ne
Dakara Ryosuke's and minna won't hurt me deshou >w<
Now finally everything is out in the clear
Now what will Ryosuke do
How will he protect the one he loves more than anything
We shall see ne wuhahahahaha *whacked*

Hope you guys enjoyed this chappie
Comments are really motivating and loved
It gives me so much energy to write
So please comment if you can ne
Even a “hi” is great XDD
Arigatou m(_ _)m

29th-Jun-2015 01:49 am (UTC)
Huwa!!!!! yokatta!!!
yuri is fine ne....
yuki also fine ne...
Did ryosuke want report yuri tousan to police???
Or Hidden yuri & yuki in somewhere???
Huwa!!!!! i can't wait next chapter!!!
29th-Jun-2015 03:21 am (UTC)
Sou desu ne
Yokatta yokatta

Maaaaaaa wakanai yo *whacked by minna*
Okay fine I know but we will just have to see
Wuhahahahahaha *kicked*
Let's see what the ichigo prince it up to >w<

Arigatou for commenting ne ^^
29th-Jun-2015 07:07 am (UTC)

I will wait for next chapter~~~

29th-Jun-2015 02:06 pm (UTC)
Hai hai
Hope I won't make you wait too long >w<
29th-Jun-2015 12:40 pm (UTC)
/ninja moves/
29th-Jun-2015 02:06 pm (UTC)
*pooof* disappears hahaha
3rd-Jul-2015 01:56 pm (UTC)
Yatta na finally Chii's in safe hand TT^TT
Yama-chan won't let anyone hurt him again
Those brothers at least have each other to care
Such a dillema, I want the father to be punished for hurting Chii but I also don't want to make him suffer because of that. Hmm what are you gonna do Ryosuke?

Update soon please bestieee ><
Can't wait to see Chii smile again
Can't wait to see YamaChii lovey dovey scene
I love youuu SQUISHYY
4th-Jul-2015 04:52 am (UTC)

Sou ne
Chii is safe now or safer
Cuz his prince Ryosuke will take great care of him deshou >w<
Let's see how Ryosuke will protect his one and only hehehe
I wonder I wonder ne
How is Ryosuke going to do it
Who knows yo *whacked* hahaha

Hehehehehe I'll do my best kya
Ahhhhh Chii's smile is the best after all
Let's hope Ryosuke will return that smile
Then again Chii will always have his most genuin smile when he is with his Ryosuke ne hehehe

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